Weeping Rusty Jesus - Steel Wool, rusted with Coca Cola (12" X 12")
Girl on Dinosaur Tail (12" X 12")
Fridge as Porthole to another Dimension (24" X 24")
My recent show at Art Access in Salt Lake City.
Portrait of my Brother Trent (24" X 24") WATCH VIDEO about Trenton.
Ice Creme Cone Slide with Car on Spring (24" X 24")
Fridge with Foil Grass as Porthole to Another Dimension: I vow to visit the owner of this painting through this open fridge one year after my death to prove the existence of an after-life. (Illuminated Painting 20" X 31")
Mole Landscape with Hairs (40" X 36")
FALLOW.  Exhibited in the 2010 Springville Museum Spring Salon.  I photographed hundreds of fallow vines and fruits from my garden, photo shopped them into a Pollock-like skein.  There were two shapes that, by chance, stood out:  Fallopian tubes and small fetal baby shape.  I back-lit these so they illuminate at night.   Intended to hang above the bed, this painting serves as a "fertility fetish", capable of enhancing the owner's fertility.
This is a theatrical set design and the finished set that I created for a production of "Turn of the Screw" at Provo's Covey Center for the Arts in 2009.
REVELATIONS: A work of art based entirely on notes I took in creating my film script/play. I wrote these notes over the course of a year, then combined them into this painting after completeing the script. See REVELATIONS for more details on the script and THIS VIDEO for a closer examination of this art.


Arial view of Tryptich: Self Portrait. A drive in movie theater shows my failed film, SCREATURES on an LCD movie screen. TREES are cut away from POWER LINES (glowing electric or "El" wire). RESURRECTION CEMETERY: a glowing abandoned church with glowing open graves. I try to jump out of my father's grave (LCD screen). VIDEO

Inspected by Learned Man #1: Runes in Foil, A "Future Artifact" that I discovered buried in my back yard.
Cracked Barn Landscape (24" X 24")
The Great Fathers - Ancient Pictographs as Treasure Map (24" X 24")
Skin Disease (12" X 12")
Thumbnail Sketch (12" X 12")
Nipple (12" X 12")
Faceless Gods (12" X 12")
Skin Disease (12" X 12")
Catfish Head from Stull Kansas and American Flag
(12" X 12")
Ancient Coins: A study of futuristic artifacts, or objects that will be dug up in the future to be translated by Prophets. (15" X 15")
Skin Painting: Sores and boils as in Morgellons Disease. (12" X12" )
Seer: Self Potrait. A logo I often use. Trying to see more clearly. (12" X 12")
I've been telling stories, doing performances, making films and videos for many years. Based in the Midwestern landscapes of my Kansas youth, these paintings may feel inhabited--haunted even. Most "Illuminated" paintings, or "Adult Night Lights," are framed with a rope light (plug in) and are 1' X 1' unless otherwise noted. All of these works are "For Sale." Contact me at

I also explore the body as a grotesque and pathetic landscape. Sometimes my own body horrifies me. I remember as a kid, my sister pointing out the blue veins pulsing beneath my skin. It almost sickened me. Some of these paintings are
"Contemporary Artifacts" or remnants of long-lost civilzations that only a post-apoclyptic seer, prophet or cult leader could find, reveal and translate.

My sculputure/painting OMPHALOS won a Merit Award at the 2009 Springville Museum of Art's 85th Annual Spring Salon

DOWNLOAD discussion about OMPHALOS by Jeff Lambson (Dir. BYU Museum of Art), Vern Swanson (Dir. Springville Museum of Art) and Marcus Smith on Marcus' Smith'/KBYU Radio's "Thinking Aloud" program (EXCERPT)